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Event Planning - How to Plan the Perfect Event

Event Planning - How to Plan the Perfect Event

For organising a successful event you need to have proper planning. From small birthday parties to grand weddings, you need to know how to manage things effectively to make the occasion successful. Organising the perfect event is not an easy task. You need to focus on different aspects to make it a popular occasion.
Here are a few tips to plan a perfect event:
Know your purpose: Determine the type of event you’re planning for. It may be an anniversary, corporate seminar or media event. Analyse the outcome you require of particular occasion. For example, if it is a corporate seminar, you need to summarise the key message for the employers. For this you need to consider their requirements.
Create a list: After determining the purpose of the event, create a list of things that are required. Note every idea that strikes your mind. Take the advice of your friends or relatives. Structure your wish list and examine the following things:
ª       Identify event dates. Make sure that your schedules are convenient for others.
ª       Place of the event - whether indoor or outdoor
ª       How many people you want to invite?
ª       Select the theme that suits your event.
ª       Dress code for the occasion.
ª       How to capture your memories?
Make a vendor list: Make a list of the items that are needed. Organise your budget effectively. Identify the furniture required, catering, lightings, gifts etc.
ª       Lightings and sound systems
ª       Bakeries - foods
ª       DJs
ª       Gifts and drinks
ª       Live musicians
ª       Limousines
ª       Equipment
ª       Photographers
ª       Videographers
Create a budget: You need to be a better money manager. Identify the cost of the event. Venue and catering require huge cost. Get a rough figure of the event cost. For example create a spreadsheet and calculate the cost required for each category.
Book your venue in advance: deciding the correct venue is a very critical task. Make sure that the place is well connected with public transportation. Make a list of 2-3 venues which interest you. Compare their costs, services etc. Select the best one that is within your budget. Contact the vendor and clarify your doubts. For example, whether you can shuffle your event dates, what costs are included in their price etc.
Create a website for the event: creating a website not only saves your money but also reduces your burden. It’s a good way to create buzz about your event among friends and families. You can send the event updates and planning’s to your friends through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Send invitations: The best way to reduce the invitation costs is to send emails. After deciding the date of the event, send invitations to your friends and relatives a week before. You can even invite your loved ones through telephone calls.
Entertainment: Think about the best way to entertain audience. You can organise different games, dance-offs, live singing, mimicry, music concerts, karaoke and many more.
         Once you complete this process, you can truly enjoy a memorable event.
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Photoshop: An Inexpensive Method to Produce Unlimited, Stunning Photo Background

Photoshop: An Inexpensive Method to Produce Unlimited, Stunning Photo Backgrounds

By Tyson Abbott
Every experienced photographer will tell you that creating a good portrait requires using an attractive background. For many years, professional studio photographers have used expensive muslin backdrops. The expense alone limited creativity, because unless the photographer was extremely active and successful, investment in a substantial amount of back ground choices may not be financially feasible. After all, some very good unique, custom-made muslin backgrounds may cost up to $1,000. However, there is an alternative available for portrait photographers seeking creativity and change.
Use Of Digital Backgrounds For Portrait Photography
Digital backgrounds used for portrait photography are typically created in computer software programs like Photoshop. This software is by many different graphic designers to create stunning images, logos, calendars, or even a magazine layout. Creating digital Photoshop background effects may have been a bit of a challenge for a novice in the past, but now through employing digital background tutorials, users are well on the way toward creating their very own signature digital portrait backgrounds more quickly and easily than was once possible. Although digital backgrounds are available at many different websites online, most accomplished photographers seeking to make a name for themselves always wish to develop unique backgrounds that are associated with their studio or photography style.
Don't Settle For Cheap
A quick look online will reveal hundreds of sources for attaining either a CD of digital photographic backgrounds or the ability to download individual choices or complete sets. You might even find some of these offerings online reached really cheap. There may be a reason behind this because these digital files could be extremely cheap as well. If you intend to try out what is commercially available, make sure you can check to see the image and also find out what resolution was used to save it. Sometimes, these online sources will provide you with a free sample making an effort to entice you to purchase other backgrounds that are available.
Part Of A Professional Arsenal Of Photographic Tools
For any serious photographer, especially for artists seeking to make a living shooting portraits, the ability to understand and use Photoshop background effects is a welcome alternative to purchasing several expensive backdrops. Unlike real-world material backdrops, digital ones are not subject to the physical elements, never get dirty, and surely cannot be damaged. Plus, once a photographer learns through digital background tutorials how to create his or her own, they actually cost a mere fraction of what a real-world, high-quality muslin background would cost.
Creativity Is Your Only Limitation
Individuals that take the time to learn how to create Photoshop background effects can employ all their creative juices for specific things. Imagine what types of background you could create if you specialize in baby photography, pet photography or possibly doing high school senior portraits. Use of digital backgrounds can help enhance a wedding photographer's skills arsenal. Templates can be created and presented to potential clients showing them the extent of creativity employed when putting together a wedding photography package. Think of all those extremely busy backgrounds that can't be avoided when doing location photography. Even pose shots on location can be made more interesting employing digital backgrounds. Only your imagination can limit the type of backgrounds you can create once you master the technique employing digital background tutorials.
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Unusual Wedding Transport Option - A Helicopter!

With so many options available how do you choose your wedding transport? Will you be going to the church in a Rolls Royce or Bentley? Perhaps a friend has a top of the range Mercedes that you may be able to borrow! Don't forget that if you have a large wedding dress that needs a lot of space, you will need to make sure it will fit in your wedding transport!
There are the more traditional modes of transport with horse drawn carriages still a very popular choice. Obviously all of this really depends on budgets that are available. A horse drawn carriage or classic car tends to be the most expensive option and can prove unreliable! After all a vehicle that was designed and built many years ago will have a tendency to break down, even though the companies that keep these cars, keep them in pristine condition and no expense spared on servicing and maintenance. Obviously the same could be said for a horse as an animal has a mind of its own and will use it. This occasionally leads to issues, as the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink!
Have you considered something different? Steer away from the norm and choose a wild and wacky way to arrive at the venue! We asked our brides how they intended to get their wedding venue and our favourite response was a helicopter! Wow, imagine the look on your friends faces if you arrived in a helicopter! Although still a rare option this is becoming increasingly popular in country estates and old manor houses (where there is room to land). As you would imagine this is a relatively expensive option but how cool would you look flying off into the sunset together after the big day for a quick flight before the evening do?
There are however a number of things to check before you book a helicopter. Where is it going to land? What are the costs to land? If you are landing at the property that you are getting married they will often waive the costs. Flights are often sold per hour and range in cost between £500 - £1,000 per hour. This may sound expensive but bear in mind how fast you will be able to get there in a helicopter! Most people have time left over and many companies will allow you to use this time to have a pleasure flight to see the local sights, or perhaps to transport you to the evening venue.
Don't forget about your photographer! If you arrange to meet your photographer before the wedding, you may need to let them leave before you do otherwise you will beat them to the venue and they will miss the magical shots of the landing and you stepping out in your stunning wedding dress! Last but not least remember to have a back up plan! If the weather is not suitable the helicopter will not be able to take off. So a car on standby might not be such a bad idea! If the weather does turn against you most helicopter companies will allow you use your time at a later date.
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How to Spot a Bad Manager In Quotes

If there is one thing guaranteed in the world of business, it is that you can tell a bad manager from the things they say. This article looks at some of the funniest “bad manager” quotes, and why they are so ridiculous.

“Do You Want This Job? If Not, I’ll Find Someone Who Does!”

One thing you will notice about this collection of quotes is that it is very much based on misguided beliefs on what will motivate people. This is the classic from an incompetent manager who is unable to separate an issue with poor performance or lack of training with a bad attitude. This tends to be up there with other brilliant quotes such as “I don’t pay you to think, I pay you to do what you are told.”
Rather than threaten the employee’s employment at every opportunity, why don’t managers actually speak to their teams and find out what the issue is?

“Drop Everything Else. This is Urgent!”

This is not necessarily a sign of a bad manager by itself, however if it is happening every day, or even once a month, then there is probably something seriously wrong with either their planning or prioritising skills.

“Bring Me Solutions”

This quote has the most impact when it is best used by managers who adopt the “I don’t pay you to think” attitude that we explored earlier. You have a problem, so you go to your boss to ask for some assistance. Having already been told not to think, you then are told to show some initiative and come up with a solution to the problem yourself. Hang on a minute! Don’t think, but do not come to you telling you there is a problem, either? Okay then, next time the computer system goes down completely or a shoplifter helps themselves to hundreds of pounds worth of stock, I’ll just stand by.

“Everyone Thinks This”

A bad manager will only ever give bad feedback or criticism to employees, rather than actually praise them when they do a great job. They often go the trouble to exacerbate any criticism they have of you by mentioning that a lot of your colleagues think that, too. That is the perfect excuse used by managers who cannot think of too many instances of you actually getting something wrong, and are just looking to nit-pick.

“You Are Lucky to Have a Job”

Coming full circle with a job that links to the first quote, managers often love to tell us that in tough economic times, we are lucky to have a job at all. Of course, they always make it sound like you are lucky to be working for them, without considering their own fortune to be in a job that they are so obviously awful at!

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Why Matilda Is So Successful In London's West End

Matilda the musical has become a popular addition to the West End stage since its premiere in 2011. Half a year later, it continues to draw in the crowds with sold-out viewings and it has become one of the most successful British musicals of all time. Critics, too, have sung its praises and the musical won a record-breaking seven Olivier awards, and it is even set for Broadway in 2012. Many who have not seen the show are wondering what it is that makes Matilda so successful.

The Story of Matilda

The fantasy world of Matilda is inspired by fairy tales while still being firmly grounded in the grim reality of terrible classrooms, nasty teachers and neglectful parents. Matilda is a bright and gifted young girl, ignored by her parents and despised by her child-hating headmistress Miss Trunchbull. When Matilda learns that she has unexpected powers, she uses them to make her and her friends lives better and enact revenge on the dreaded Trunchbull.

Adapting The Book Into A Musical

Although the adaptation is largely faithful, it has added some contemporary touches. The musical has also slightly altered the episodic structure and feel of the book and added segments were Matilda tells stories to her classmates. These stories give a chance for the production to escape the confines of the classroom, as well as breathe new life into the story while remaining true to Dahld's work and tone. Even those familiar with the book find that the musical is much more than a simple reselling of the story.
Of course, the production would not work without strong musical additions. Fortunately, comedian Tim Minchin has invigorated the play with witty, catchy and boisterous new songs and accompaniments. The rousing songs and dance routines have been universally praised and many have argued that it is the best new musical to hit the West End in years.

The Enduring Appeal of Roald Dahld

Matilda is not the first play to have been adapted from Roald Dahld's work. Twisted Tales, BFG, The Twits and many others have all made their way to the stage. Roald Dahld's literary legacy is firmly established and his dark themes, twisted humour and riveting plot twists are more relevant now than ever. The stage is the perfect place for his loud and brash characters, ominous sets and underdog stories. With rousing performances on swing-sets, acrobatics and even the child throwing exploits of Trunchbull all reenacted on stage, Matilda is a lively and action-packed show.

Parents and Children

Roald Dahld's stories have always appealed to adults and children. His dark twisted humour, although childlike at times, is fun for all ages and Matilda is no exception to this. The production is also scary, tragic and gripping, and many older viewers agree that it is a must-see play suitable for all ages.
The triumph of Matilda shows no signs of slowing down. Although many movies and books are being adapted for the stage, audiences and critics agree that Matilda is one of the best of its kind.

'Why Matilda Is So Successful In London's West End' was written in partnership with Leicester Square Box Office, providers of official West End tickets.

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Storage Options Made Easy

You’ve been putting it off for months; the longstanding task of spring cleaning. Whether it’s the fact that there is not a partiality to it or just the overwhelming amount of “things” to clean around, organization simplifies housework. We’ve all dreamed of being able to clear our home of everything to be able to accomplish this goal, but that is not practical for most people. The most overwhelming chores can be broken down into smaller goals and, somehow, do not seem as daunting. Let’s take some organization into each room of the home. You can even begin outside!

An attractive storage bench outside of the door is very versatile. It can be used to store outdoor toys, sports equipment, small yard tools, or recyclables. While being useful, it also adds an inviting appearance to the entry of your home. Maybe there is not enough room to accommodate a bench outside, but what about the entryway into your home? Select a model that incorporates a coat rack and save even more space while corralling those coats and hats.

The living room offers many alternatives for storage. An ottoman is an ideal example. They can be utilized for toys, pillows, throw blankets, and even a place to store files. Several ottomans can also be combined to serve as a coffee table, just add a tray or two. Leaving one ottoman entirely empty provides for a last minute hideaway for those items that you do not want to expose unexpected guests to. Floating shelves are aesthetically pleasing and offer an abode for favorite books, cd's, DVD’s, or other collections. Baskets can also be used for storage in the living room for articles that are beautiful and destined for display.

The kitchen is another area that can profit significantly from a small amount of arrangement and storage tips. Why not use a hanging rack to store frequently used pots and pans. This frees up a lot of cabinet area to use for other items, such as small appliances that occupy a lot of counter space. Consider stowing items under your sink in a plastic, covered container. Although this tidbit may not save much space, it will help avoid water damage to anything stored beneath your sink.

The bathroom is probably one of the smallest rooms in your home, yet seems to accumulate a vast array of products. Towels and wash cloths displayed in a basket preserve cabinet space for other belongings that rather not displayed. Bathrooms could also benefit from an over the toilet tower system of shelves or wall shelves. This is a vast amount of wasted space that could provide necessary storage options.

How can a bedroom be one of tranquillity when there are stacks here and piles there? Under-the-bed storage drawers have endless possibilities; put away out of season clothing, shoes, or maybe leave one empty and designated as a donation drawer. If underneath the bed is filled with storage drawers, where ever will those little dust bunnies hide?

Every home has the potential for extra storage; the additional space simply needs to be discovered.
This article was written by Nisha Sharma, on behalf