Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Is Grum's Demise a Signal That SPAM Is Nearing Its End?

 Botnet Responsible For 1 in 5 SPAM Emails Taken Down

Very few people actually take the time to consider where SPAM comes from. Most of us see the message, look to see if it is from someone we know, then hit the SPAM icon to report and delete the message. Sometimes, for no reason at all, it seems that our SPAM filters under perform and we have to do through this ritual more often than we are used to. Other times, it seems that we don't see a SPAM email make it through for weeks. Even better, is when our SPAM folder, where all of the automatically filtered messages wind up, seems a little lighter as well. You may notice a few less SPAM emails in the last couple of days. That is because the world's third largest SPAM bot net, known as "Grum", has been knocked off line in a collaborative effort.

The process was carried out by a trio of online security firms, FireEye, SpamHaus and Russian CERT, as they shut down servers in the Netherlands, Panama, Russia, and finally Ukraine, where the network sought one final place of refuge to continue their efforts. While the firms should be applauded for their efforts in dismantling the Grum SPAM Network, they did require the help of internet service providers, and their higher ups, within these nations in order to be successful.

No Safe Haven
SPAM networks have all but disappeared from North America and most of Western Europe, now seeking refuge in countries that they view safe. However, with the take downs in Russia and Ukraine, these networks likely see the writing on the wall that they are not safe anywhere. The idea of spreading risk and operating in a safe haven has suddenly become antiquated. If outside security firms are working together with local service providers to shut these networks down, the end is hopefully near for these annoying and occasionally dangerous SPAM messages.

To recap, Grum was:
  •     Responsible for just under 20% of all SPAM emails.
  •     Operating in three countries before attempting to find refuge in Ukraine
  •     Operating over 121,000 different IPS, with approximately 20,000 "orphans" left without a command and control center

The take down of Grum has also had a knock on effect on the world's current number one SPAM network, Lethic. Grum's dismantling has put a large amount of heat on Lethic and other networks, with some estimating that all SPAM has at least temporarily been reduced by fifty percent as a result of this operation.

Trends Point To A SPAM Free Inbox
With these networks on the ropes, it may be possible to finally dream of a SPAM free experience whenever you open your email. The time appears to be now to deliver the knockout blow to SPAM networks. With recent cooperation in historically uncooperative nations when dealing with matters of this sort, security firms may have their opportunity to rid the internet of email SPAM once and for all.

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