Monday, 20 August 2012

How To Use Your Personal Sauna As A Hot Yoga Studio

Hot yoga combines the relaxation benefits of traditional yoga with heat that will get you sweating and help you to lose weight. While all forms of yoga are beneficial forms of exercise, bikram or hot yoga is especially useful as the poses are completed in a hot room with temperatures well over 100 degrees. Hot yoga classes run for 90 minutes and go through a series of methodical poses that encourage deep breathing.

However, finding a hot yoga class is a lot harder than finding a traditional yoga studio. Since the bikram yoga studio needs to be heated to 105 degrees, the classes can’t be held just anywhere. Also, a lot of people are hesitant to do yoga in front of a group of people, especially when the added heat means you will be sweating through whatever loose clothing you wear. If your schedule or modesty doesn’t permit for you to attend a hot yoga class, then try doing hot yoga in the privacy of your own sauna.

When using your personal sauna as a hot yoga studio, put your safety first. Use a yoga mat that is intended for hot yoga and will not become too sticky or slippery in the heat. Dress in loose, ventilating clothing so that your body is able to receive air while you are working out in the sauna. If you are new to yoga, try doing the routine a few times in your home before moving to the sauna. You don’t want to add that much intensity to your routine on your first try.

Before going into your sauna make sure that you are hydrated. This is especially important since you are planning on doing a lot of movement while you are in the sauna. If at any point during your yoga routine you find that you are thirsty or lightheaded then stop, take a break and grab some more water.
Bikram yoga has specifically designed routines that feature guided movements and breathing exercises. There are other forms of yoga that are not meant to be done in the heat. Don’t try doing other types of yoga that feature balancing exercises or intense stretches while in the sauna. These exercises aren’t meant to be done in the heat.

While working out in front of a large group of strangers is a bit intimidating, most people have a friend or family member that they won’t feel embarrassed working out in front of. Ask someone to sit in the sauna with you during your first workout session. By having someone else there you can prevent an injury that would leave you alone in the sauna for an extended period of time. If you are new to bikram yoga, don’t try to do 90 minutes on your first try. Start out slow by doing 30 or 45 minutes and gradually work your way up to the full 90 minute session.

Hot yoga is a great workout that can help you to lose weight, increase your flexibility and manage stress. By starting out slow and taking the right precautions you can use your own sauna to do this activity in the comfort of your own home.

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