Friday, 17 August 2012

The Positive Impacts of Technology on Society

Technology has influenced every aspect of our lives and has helped to shape the world in which we live. While there are many negative effects of technology on our society, the positive benefits are by far the most numerous. Technological advances have helped us to live easier, more productive lives and have turned a huge world into a small global community. Here are some of the ways in which technology has changed our lives for the better.


Long ago, mankind depended on walking or using animals to get from place to place. Over time, however, technology has made it possible to transport people and goods long distances with little effort and in a fairly short period of time. From the earliest bicycles and cars to today’s motorcycles, automobiles, jets, and ships, transportation has been completely transformed by technology. 

Household and Industry

Many of the fundamental processes that were once done manually in the household or in industry are not automated. Imagine a world where even the most dangerous tasks were performed by human hands and daily tasks such as doing laundry required intense physical labor. Modern technology has made manufacturing much easier and has created more leisure time for individuals and families.

Exchange of Information

Computers have made it possible to manage, store, and organize vast amounts of information. The computers process this information much more quickly and accurately than humans ever could and keep all information within easy access. In addition, the Internet has made it possible for individuals from around the globe to instantly exchange information and ideas with one another.

Advertising and Entertainment

With the Internet, businesses large and small find it easier than ever to reach customers from around the world. This makes it much more possible for almost anyone to find true success in business. In addition, technology has made the special effects possible in many of our favorite movies. Finally, modern people have a much easier level of access to music, television shows, movies, games, and other entertainment through the use of computers, cell phones, and other devices.

Cellular Communication

Cell phones provide a much easier method of communication than ever before. With a cell phone, you can reach (or be reached) anyone at any time. In addition, the cell phone has made it possible for individuals to call for help in any emergency from any location. Parents can use cell phones to keep contact with children away from home and allow people to keep watch over elderly family members. This great technology has become such a part of our lives that many of us couldn’t imagine living without a cell phone.
Although there is little doubt that technology has had some harmful effects on society, it is impossible to deny the vast benefits that we have enjoyed due to these same advances. Technology has greatly enhanced and bettered many parts of our daily lives and promises to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
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