Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cure Your Dance Phobia

Music has been a source of inspiration for many people since the beginning of time. So many people find pleasure in listening to lyrics and rhymes that move and touch their soul. But dancing is an entirely different story. So you think you can't dance?

Although many people love music not everyone enjoys dancing. Just take a look around society, at events, such as weddings, concerts or outdoor plays. The majority of people do not dance. The main reason is because they are afraid they will look silly. They think that they are a bad dancer and don't want people to judge them. But the reality is people won't and don't judge the people who get up and dance. If anything there is admiration for people who just shake their groove thing.

Of course dancing is a great way to help you feel better and even lose weight but there are other benefits to getting into the groove. Here are some benefits of dancing and tips to help you get over your fear of dancing. 

Try It

Trying something new is a great way to enjoy life more. If you don't like dancing because you are afraid of what other people might think of you, then ask yourself what are you afraid of? Chances are people don't judge people who actually get up and dance on the dance floor. Most of the time they seek admiration and respect for those who seem to have a no worries attitude.

In fact when you approach the dance floor your body will naturally fall into a rhyme. The beat of the song will help you fall into a comfortable groove. If you can walk you can dance, so let you insecurities subside.

Let Go

When you avoid judging, comparing or thinking about what you are doing and how you look you will naturally fall into sync. Just let go and have fun is the key to being a great dancer. No one cares how you look; it is always about feeling the rhymes move through you. Dancing is a great activity for helping you feel better. 

Dance While You Work

Sure dancing is fun and a great way to feel better in the moment but what about times when you don't usually dance. Like when you work. The average America will spend over three thirds of their life working and sometimes we end up in jobs we don't like. If you are tired of your job then spice it up and listen to good music. Maybe you can put a playlist on your computer and put earphones on while you sit at your desk. Or if you work in an environment such as a job shop that encourages music you can pick fun songs to help the day go smoother. 

For more information on music while at work visit a job shop Portland. Shannon Kaiser is a health and wellness writer for the Portland Community.

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