Monday, 13 August 2012

Water Damage on your Phone? We Can Fix that!

Water Damage on your Phone? We Can Fix that!

There are some problems with technology we’ve all faced. Whether it be the computer turning off unexpectedly, software crashing, or phone battery dying, sometimes it seems that technology is more troublesome than helpful.

If you use your cell phone or home computer to manage your used book store, drug and alcohol rehab centers or car dealership, tech issues are even more problematic. Fortunately, we have some quick fixes to solve some of the most common tech problems.

Here are a few that should help if you find yourself in a bind.

Water Damage? Try Rice.

From the kitchen sink to drinks to the bathtub, there’s almost always water close to us when we’re at home. Sadly, our phones and computers don’t mix well with liquids. A simple spill can kill a phone, and warranties usually don’t cover water damage.

Very often though, you can fix the phone by placing it in a bag of rice for 24 hours. The rice soaks out the water, allowing you to save your phone virtually free of cost.

Tend to lose phones? Here’s a multi-level approach.

Cell phones are one of the most commonly lost or stolen items, due to their relatively small size and high price tag. For many of us, losing a phone can be nothing short of tragic, as cell phones have become our personal and professional lifelines. Fortunately, there are some preemptive steps you can take to lessen the blow of a lost phone.

First, use your cell provider’s complimentary back-up service — nearly all phone companies have them. These services store all of your contacts, photos and other types of data on your phone on the wireless network. They update your information almost daily, allowing you to retrieve most of your data if you lose your phone.

Second, if you have a smartphone, install a GPS tracking app. These apps are free on many of the newer models and allow you pinpoint the exact location of your phone. If you believe your phone has been stolen, tracking apps also help you catch the thief.

Third, install a passcode to protect your data in case the phone is stolen. This will also stop nosy friends and co-workers from browsing your phone. Finally, as a last resort, tell your phone provider your cell has been lost or stolen. By doing so, you protect your data and make sure no one will be able to use your stolen phone.

Laptop not connecting to WiFi? Try this.

Free public WiFi is not always as glorious as it sounds. Often, computers have difficulty connecting to free networks, as signals can be weak or inconsistent. Poor signals are always annoying, especially if you’ve traveled to the local cafĂ© or library with the sole purpose of doing work online.

Frequently though, if you adjust your laptop’s power settings to high performance, you’ll be able to pick up weak signals with ease. You’ll probably wear down your battery faster, so bring the charger just in case.

Guest Author Byline: With any luck, these simple tech solutions will make managing your online business, craft store or drug and alcohol rehab centers much easier! This post is brought to you by guest author Carly Fierro.

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