Friday, 24 August 2012

How to Spot a Bad Manager In Quotes

If there is one thing guaranteed in the world of business, it is that you can tell a bad manager from the things they say. This article looks at some of the funniest “bad manager” quotes, and why they are so ridiculous.

“Do You Want This Job? If Not, I’ll Find Someone Who Does!”

One thing you will notice about this collection of quotes is that it is very much based on misguided beliefs on what will motivate people. This is the classic from an incompetent manager who is unable to separate an issue with poor performance or lack of training with a bad attitude. This tends to be up there with other brilliant quotes such as “I don’t pay you to think, I pay you to do what you are told.”
Rather than threaten the employee’s employment at every opportunity, why don’t managers actually speak to their teams and find out what the issue is?

“Drop Everything Else. This is Urgent!”

This is not necessarily a sign of a bad manager by itself, however if it is happening every day, or even once a month, then there is probably something seriously wrong with either their planning or prioritising skills.

“Bring Me Solutions”

This quote has the most impact when it is best used by managers who adopt the “I don’t pay you to think” attitude that we explored earlier. You have a problem, so you go to your boss to ask for some assistance. Having already been told not to think, you then are told to show some initiative and come up with a solution to the problem yourself. Hang on a minute! Don’t think, but do not come to you telling you there is a problem, either? Okay then, next time the computer system goes down completely or a shoplifter helps themselves to hundreds of pounds worth of stock, I’ll just stand by.

“Everyone Thinks This”

A bad manager will only ever give bad feedback or criticism to employees, rather than actually praise them when they do a great job. They often go the trouble to exacerbate any criticism they have of you by mentioning that a lot of your colleagues think that, too. That is the perfect excuse used by managers who cannot think of too many instances of you actually getting something wrong, and are just looking to nit-pick.

“You Are Lucky to Have a Job”

Coming full circle with a job that links to the first quote, managers often love to tell us that in tough economic times, we are lucky to have a job at all. Of course, they always make it sound like you are lucky to be working for them, without considering their own fortune to be in a job that they are so obviously awful at!

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